The collaboration network of the Brazilian Symposium on Databases

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The Brazilian Symposium on Databases (SBBD) celebrated its 30th edition in October 2015. As the database community has evolved over the years, so has the data analysis area. To celebrate such accomplishments, this article goes over the SBBD history from distinct social perspectives. Overall, we investigate the complete SBBD co-authorship network built from bibliographic data of SBBD’s 30 editions, from 1986 to 2015, and analyze several network metrics, considering the network evolution over the three decades. In particular, we analyze the progress of the most engaged SBBD authors, the number of distinct authors, institutions, and published papers, and the evolution of some of the most frequent terms presented in the titles of the papers, as well as the influence and impact of the most prominent SBBD authors.
Keywords: Collaboration networks, Social networks, Databases, SBBD

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