Tese: AwARE : an approach for adaptive recommendation of resources

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Título: AwARE : an approach for adaptive recommendation of resources
Autor: Machado, Guilherme Medeiros 
Orientador: Oliveira, Jose Palazzo Moreira de 
Data: 2018
Nível: Doutorado
Instituição: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Instituto de Informática. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Computação.

Recommender systems were proposed in early 90’s with the goal to help users deal with cognitive overload brought by the internet and the constant increase of documents. From there to now such systems have assumed many other roles like “help users to explore”, “improve decision making”, or even “entertain”. To accomplish such new goals, the system needs to look to user characteristics that help in understand what the user task is and how to adapt the recommendation to support such task. In this direction, it is proposed in this thesis an integration between recommender and adaptive strategies into a new process of adaptive recommendation. It is shown that such integration can improve recommendation accuracy and give good results to user retention, and interaction with the systems. To validate the approach, it is implemented a prototype to recommend movies to be used in a classroom. It is also collected some statistics about the 78 users who have participated of the experiment for evaluation of the new approach.


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