Artigo: Modeling, comprehending and summarizing textual content by graphs

Atualizado em 14/outubro/2020

Authors: Vinicius Woloszyn, Guilherme Medeiros Machado, Leandro Krug Wives, José Palazzo Moreira de Oliveira
Publication date: 2018/7/1


Automatic Text Summarization strategies have been successfully employed to digest text collections and extract its essential content. Usually, summaries are generated using textual corpora that belongs to the same domain area where the summary will be used. Nonetheless, there are special cases where it is not found enough textual sources, and one possible alternative is to generate a summary from a different domain. One manner to summarize texts consists of using a graph model. This model allows giving more importance to words corresponding to the main concepts from the target domain found in the summarized text. This gives the reader an overview of the main text concepts as well as their relationships. However, this kind of summarization presents a significant number of repeated terms when compared to human-generated summaries. In this paper, we present an …
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