Artigo: Hybrid Recommender System for Educational Resources to the Smart University Campus Domain.

  • Maruyama, Martin H. M.; Silveira, Luan W.; Palazzo M. de Oliveira, José; Gasparini, Isabela; and Maran, Vinicius. (2023)Hybrid Recommender System for Educational Resources to the Smart University Campus Domain.  In Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Computer Supported Education – CSEDU – Volume 1, ISBN 978-989-758-641-5, ISSN 2184-5026, pages 47-56.

Abstract: The development of new cutting-edge technologies in recent years and the ease of access to the internet, the amount of data circulating on the network has been severely increasing, making it difficult to access quality information and causing many users to waste their time looking for and filtering through data. Thus, recommendation systems appear. They are responsible for searching for relevant information for the user through mechanisms capable of recognizing the user’s possible interests and, with the use of recommendation algorithms, bringing the user resources that meet their interests. Actually, recommender systems are applied in many domains, including news, healthcare, and finance. Recently, recommender systems have been applied in the smart campus domain, which defines systems and technologies to be applied on the university campus. From this scenario, the objective of this study is to develop a hybrid recommender system, attached to a software architecture, to provide general educational resources to users. The prototype of the architecture was evaluated using real item data and showed significant accuracy in the recommendation process.

Keywords: Recommendation Systems, Smart Campus, Collaborative Filtering, Content-Based Filtering


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